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Highly Accurate Multi Time Frame Technical Analysis. (full story)

Bitcoin (BTCUSD) saw some healthy profittaking this past week, pulling back to slightly below 7k and working off overbought conditions on the daily chart. BTCUSD has bounced strongly on this Sunday's Asia morning and appears poised to resume its uptrend, beginning to form its 4th straight... (full story)

SV_LS146 Frankfort, KY Sat May 18, 2019 USDA-KY Dept of Ag Market News Lake Cumberland Livestock, Somerset, KY Weighted Average Report for Saturday May 18, 2019 Cattle Receipts: 844 Last week: 1397 Last year: 1097 Compared to last week: Feeder steer and heifer... (full story)

SV_LS144 Frankfort, KY Sat May 18, 2019 USDA-KY Dept of Ag Market News Bluegrass Stockyards - Campbellsville, KY (Sat.) Weighted Average Report for 05/18/2019 Receipts: 543 Last Week: 699 Week Total:1131 Compared to last week: Feeder steers and feeder heifers sold steady... (full story)

Influences on supply and demand in the commodities space will likely become prominent and these negative market changes could send oil prices back toward their prior lows. (full story)

Here is this week’s issue of AgFax Tree Crops. Our thanks to BASF and its California team for sponsoring this coverage. Got questions or comments? Let us know. Owen Taylor, […] (full story)

Going into the week, here are 3 hot points to keep in mind in rice: Armyworms In north Arkansas, true armyworms are moving into some rice in the 2- to […] (full story)

We’re now officially more than 50% planted, but why does it not feel that way? When we look at planting progress by year on a chart, 2019’s progress is holding […] (full story)

The Fed ever so lightly changed one.... (full story)

NOTICE: As Market News transitions reports to the MARS platform and My Market News, report formats will be converted from a text version to a more user-friendly and accessible PDF format. This report will move to the new platform and will be accessible at:... (full story)

SV_LS172 Frankfort, KY Fri May 17, 2019 USDA-KY Dept of Ag Market News Bluegrass Stockyards - Richmond, KY Cattle weighed at time of sale Weighted Average Report for 05/17/2019 Receipts: 835 Last Week: 537 Year Ago: 735 Compared to last Friday: Feeder steer and heifer calves... (full story)

Chris Vermeulen talks with HoweStreet.com on gold caps. (full story)

In this week’s AgFax Weekend – Bayer’s Glyphosate Problem | 1927 Flood Déjà vu | Prevented Planning – Not Your Daddy’s Version | and more. (full story)

The Trend Trader helps to identify the current trend status of your favorite futures markets. It not only helps us to stay on the right side of market direction, but also helps us avoid those without a trend. You can even use the grid as a spread matrix too - buying strength and selling weakness.... (full story)

Although the Mississippi river appears to have crested around Arkansas City, Arkansas, the devastation of back water flooding in the lower Mississippi Delta will not ease up for months.  The […] (full story)

Corn futures ended the Friday session with the front months firm to 4 1/4 cents higher. Nearby July was up a strong 8.96% this week. The buying was tied to slow planting progress and the potential impacts on either final acreage or yield. As of May 1... (full story)

Cotton futures ended the Friday session with most contracts 71 to 131 points lower. On the week, July was down 3.59%, with the two week drop at 12.89%. CFTC data on Friday afternoon showed specs in cotton futures and options at their largest reported... (full story)

Soybean futures saw weakness into Friday’s close, with the front months down 17 to 18 1/4 cents. Concerns of corn acres switching to beans pressured the market. July soybeans were up 1.54% this week, with meal 2.44% higher. July soy meal was do... (full story)

Lean Hog futures closed the Friday session with front months 15 to 65 cents higher and deferred contracts lower. Later in the day, it was reported US was lifting tariffs in Mexican and Canadian steel. The CME Lean Hog Index was up 53 cents from the p... (full story)

Corn futures ended the Friday session with the front months firm to 4 1/4 cents higher. Nearby July was up a strong 8.96% this week. The buying was tied to slow planting progress and the potential impacts on either final acreage or yield. As of May 1... (full story)

Live cattle futures posted 80 cent to $180 gains in most contracts on Friday. A USDA announcement shows that Japan has agreed to lift the 30-month age restriction on beef imports from the US that was implemented originally as a 20-month following the... (full story)

Wheat futures closed Friday with CBT contracts 1-2 cents lower, following a bout of profit taking after July was up 9.48% this week. KC slipped from the highs but was firm to 3 1/2 cents higher, with front month July 8.59% in the green on the week. M... (full story)

How Far Can Corn Run? (full story)

General Situation Hot and muggy this week as the LRGV received some rain on Monday and Tuesday and a little on Wednesday. Harlingen, Raymondville and Weslaco areas received anywhere from […] (full story)

NW_LS752 Des Moines, IA Fri May 17, 2019 USDA-IA Dept of Ag Market News Creston, IA Feeder Cattle Weighted Average Report for 05/17/2019 Receipts: 1324 No comparison as sale not reported for a month: Trade and Demand Moderate today. Receipts this week included 51 per- cent feeder... (full story)

There are many no-till fields across Indiana that have either not been burned down or those that will need to be sprayed again because of wet weather and planting delays. […] (full story)

Moth flights for both black cutworm and armyworm have been impressive this spring. Unworked/untreated fields are plentiful, and so is the plant life, meaning that there has been no shortage […] (full story)

Across the Corn Belt, a wetter pattern is becoming established, following a brief period of dry weather that allowed some corn and soybean planting to take place in drier and better-drained areas. Currently, showers and thunderstorms stretch from the... (full story)

An agriculture meteorologist says a significant wet weather pattern is going to make it even more challenging for farmers to get caught up on planting. “Especially right now, it looks like across the Western Corn Belt, that’s the area where over the... (full story)

Soils in Indiana have been too wet for field work almost since last fall. What I mean by “too wet” is so wet that the soils would not even support […] (full story)

A low-pressure system over the central High Plains will drift northeastward, reaching the Great Lakes region by Sunday A new storm system will arrive in the West during the weekend and intensify across the central Plains early next week. The active... (full story)

The weather-induced planting delays have many producers feeling pressured to plant soybeans. It seems like this is an important time to remember that 2016 was also a challenging planting season, […] (full story)

The planting delays and wet soil conditions will increase the potential for sidewall compaction to occur this spring. Sidewall compaction includes all soil compaction and soil smearing in and around […] (full story)

You could say that 2018 was the year of “what might have been” when it comes to Texas High Plains production, as early-season drought and other adverse weather conditions impacted […] (full story)

Cattle Recovers and Hogs steady (full story)

The President of the U.S. Dairy Export Council says President Trump’s removal of tariffs on Canada and Mexico, including steel and aluminum tariffs, is a good first step to getting the USMCA trade deal ratified. “There were many Members of... (full story)

CORN HIGHLIGHTS: Corn futures moved higher again today finishing with gains of 1 to 4-1/4 cents as front month Jul led today's rally closing at 3.83-1/4. On Monday, Jul corn futures bottomed at 3.43, so the gain of near 40 cents off of Monday's low l... (full story)

The Trump administration has announced a new trade mitigation program. John Torres, the government and industry affairs director with the Ohio Corn and Wheat Growers Association, says while they’re appreciative, farmers would prefer to restore market... (full story)

(full story)

At the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, cattle futures ended the day higher on the news that Japan has lifted import restrictions on US beef and technical momentum.  June live cattle closed $.80 higher at $111.27 and August live cattle closed $.97... (full story)

Biblical Storms and Flooding, or not? (full story)

Central Indiana Farmer Mike Beard says there’s still little planting progress in his area. “We have finished some spraying and sometimes we sprayed around spots that we didn’t want to track through because of wet conditions, but there’s not much... (full story)

Tar spot, a new fungal pathogen first seen in Michigan in Allegan County in 2016, spread like a wildfire across west Michigan in 2018. The disease, which is prevalent in […] (full story)

Milk futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange ended the week higher with traders optimistic Mexico could lift tariffs. May Class III milk up two cents at $16.30.  June up 22 cents at $16.45.  July 29 cents higher at $16.72.  August... (full story)

Topping the list of Australia’s major crops, wheat is grown on more than half the country’s cropland and is a key export commodity. With so much riding on wheat, accurate […] (full story)

The head of American Farm Bureau says President Trump’s focus to fix the immigration system is welcomed but it must address farm labor shortages. Zippy Duvall says farmers need a reformed guest worker program that is flexible, affordable and... (full story)

Environmental, agronomic and economic concerns regarding nitrogen (N) use and recovery coupled with increasingly volatile weather patterns continue to emphasize the importance of improving N management strategies. Closer synchronization between... (full story)

A livestock market analyst says getting the USMCA trade deal across the finish line is nothing but good news for US agriculture. University of Missouri’s Scott Brown says the news Friday that the US would end tariffs on steel and aluminum from Canada... (full story)

It was recently confirmed that European corn borer (ECB) has developed resistance to the Cry1F protein in Bt corn in Nova Scotia. More information on this issue can be found […] (full story)