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Vermontville Location

870 S. Main St, PO Box 159, Vermontville, MI  49096

Phone: 517-726-0514       Fax: 517-726-0555 

Bob Kennedy,  General Manager Ext. 101

Mark Sutfin, Agronomy Sales Ext. 106

Crystal McDonald, Office Manager Ext. 104

Sandy Miller, Office Assistant

Mark Braeutigam, Soil Fertility Manager,

Charlotte Location

421 N Cochran Rd., PO Box F, Charlotte, MI  48813

Phone: 517-541-1449       Alternate: 800-858-3738       Fax: 517-541-2555 

Bruce Wymer, VP of Food Grade Soybeans, Ext. 402

Curtis Volkmann, Operations Manager, Ext. 411

Caron White, Dispatch & Quality Control, Ext. 406

Tom O'Brien, Accounts Payable, Ext. 407

James Jenks, CFO, Ext. 408

Amber Bovee, Grain Accounting & Settlements, Ext 409  

Amanda Peterson, Grain Merchandiser, Ext. 413

Kendra Thompson, Assistant to Grain Accounting, Ext. 410

Meagan Packowski, Assistant to Grain, Ext. 414 meagan.packowski@starofthewest.comt

Darcy Irvine, Assistant to VP Food Grade Soybeans, Ext. 403

Kelly Tiedgen, Assistant to VP Food Grade Soybeans, Ext. 405

Otto Rd. Location

7758 Otto Rd. Charlotte, MI  48813

Phone: 517-543-6878      Fax: 517-543-0661

Rex Cook, Plant Manager

Potterville Location

415 Nelson St. Potterville, MI  48876

Phone: 517-645-2421       Fax: 517-645-2380

Tom Rice, Plant Manager

Battle Creek Location

772 E. Emmett St., Battle Creek, MI  49017

Phone: 269-660-9934      Alternate Phone: 269-580-0782    Fax: 269-660-9936

Mike Davis, Plant Manager



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